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We are the flush doors wholesalers in Bangalore. We provide quality based pre laminated board, plywood, particle board and laminated sheets.

" Block board core is framed with seasoned Pine wood battens and they are chemically treated. High Quality Phenol Formaldehyde resins are used to get the desired boiling water Proof quality. "

Entire manufacturing process is closely monitored by qualified personnel who make sure that all flush boards match to international quality norms.

Century Sainik door

Sainik Doors are Boiling Waterproof Doors from CenturyPly. These BWP doors are tested to withhold all the ply layers intactly even when they are dunked in boiling water for a duration. Immaculate strength and resistance to water is what makes these doors a great fit for your kitchens and wardrobes! Such eco-friendly and Waterproof Doors can withstand the changing climatic conditions, as they show no signs of moisture damage.

Sainply Gold flush door

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Moulded Skin Doors


Membrane Doors


Colour Options :

  • Teak Wood Colour
  • Wenge Colour
  • Rose wood Colour
  • Oxword Cherry Colour