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Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering plywood is BWP grade compressed wood treated with additives for the most part utilized for substantial purposes? Made with select hardwood, it withstands the heaps and powers experienced during the pouring of cement and vibrations.

It is the after-effect of persistent examinations attempted at our advanced research centres to fulfil the developing need from the development business for exceptionally sturdy cement Plywood Distributors pressed wood.

Here at Shree Navdurga Plywood, we are the best shuttering plywood dealer in Bangalore, pressed wood that can be reused. Our Shuttering compressed wood is fabricated utilizing a no-nonsense facade and is extraordinary compared to other structure materials accessible in the market today.

The outside of shuttering compressed wood is overlaid with 115 GSM Phenol Impregnated Film. The sides are resealed by acrylic paint to save dampness retention and growing, The whole cycle of assembling facade, gum, film, and dandified pressed wood is finished in-house utilizing the advanced and exceptional plant.

It is the ideal structure material for precast, substantial melds since it is liberated from imprints, non-destructive, and bestows a uniformly fine completion on the substantial surface.

This outcomes in extra expense saving since no re-putting or completing is required. It’s one of a kind highlights incorporate Selected normally are strong cross-band facade impregnated with exceptionally planned phenol pitch and phenol film pressed wood pack made of facade and cross-band gum impregnated facade.